Working out 4x a week…inwardly feeling lost.

By the worlds standards I was pristine outwardly. I worked out 4x a week, my muscles were firm and tight, my body lean; I went to the dermatologist regularly to make sure my face looked it’s best. BUT it was at this time I was my most miserable!!!! I was in a relationship…with an abuser. And no matter how hard I worked out or took care of myself, I was never good enough. And because I didn’t center in on what is the most important…a beautiful heart and spirit, my self esteem was non-existent. God is the answer to the beauty of the inner spirit. After I escaped and was completely broken, God took the shell that I was and made me more like Him…I feel more beautiful now than I ever have because I reflect the face of my heavenly father!

My Father's Daughter

20 lbs heavier, focusing who I am in Him. I am my Father’s Daughter.