Women Who Abuse Men…

Abusive WomanI was privileged to experience my young adult daughter dating a true man of God a couple of years ago.  This young man (We’ll call him Brad) was a wonderful devout young man who did not sacrifice his faith with compromise. Brad created a suitor standard whom my daughter will hold all potential suitors to.  Although it didn’t work out for them, I knew Brad had a positive impact on my daughter and me.

Last year after a while had gone by that my daughter hadn’t spoken with this Godly young man, she  texted Brad to say hello and see how he was doing.  She was shocked to receive a vile text message back, calling her a whore among other obscenities, telling her to never contact him again as he didn’t want anything to do with her and her ‘skanky’ self (paraphrasing). She was aghast at the tone of the text, it did not sound like Brad at all.  Sometime later she received another text from Brad; this time an apology.  It turns out Brad had a new girlfriend who wrote the terrible text back and he apologized for her conduct. [Read more…]