DV 101, Part 3

Verbal Abuse

After a male abuser lures his victim into an early living/marriage commitment the subterfuge begins. He is extraordinarily sneaky, often cheating on you behind your back; he begins to undermine you with backhanded compliments; [Read more…]


DV 101, Part 2

Mr HydeYou’ve been convinced to marry or co-habitate with this man who has swept you off your feet in a very short amount of time. Quite often the VERY day you move in/marry him the facade comes off and you are greeted by Mr. Hyde. You are in shock at the TRUE nature and real personality of the man you fell in love with. Your heart is breaking while thoughts reel through your mind trying to make sense of what is happening. The emergence of the abuser has begun. Verbal jabs, disrespect and angry manipulative words replace words of love and adoration. Where is he you wonder, what is happening?


DV 101 Part 1

Knight in Shining Armor ActMale Abusers initially come off as charming men who make their victims feel like they have just met a true knight in shining armor. They sweep their victims off their feet with exaggerated acts of kindness, words of love and adoration very early on, [Read more…]