Domestic Violence Survivor

Christ Centered support for survivors of domestic violence. My first video blog about the hope and healing available through Jesus Christ our Lord. He LOVES you so much and wants to be the center of your life for a reason…through Him alone you will find your true purpose. This video was shot with outdated software that has an outrageous lag on the sound, but oh well, the message is there and I trust God’s words of love will come through to those that need to hear it. Love Does No Harm is a Christ Centered Domestic Violence Advocacy outreach located in North San Diego County California.


Ministry is birthed from brokenness…

ministry birthed from brokenness

I am so grateful for this quote.  It completely describes what God has done in my life and I’m sure the lives of countless others.

It wasn’t till the horrific experience of escaping a physically abusive relationship that God got my attention.  Did He allow it to punish me?  NO!!!! He allowed it to get my attention.  He used this tragedy of  what I experienced to open my eyes to the brokenness that needed healing. [Read more…]


We Are Healing All The Time

Freedom through forgivenessI am currently attending a DV Advocacy Certification course.  Very intense and necessary to be able to deal appropriately with women in crisis from differing kinds of situations.  During the course of our training, many of the scenarios I have personally gone through present themselves afresh.  Law enforcement, CWS, abuser’s mindset and behaviors.  As subjects are broached, it sometimes brings me back to moments and memories.  The feelings that arise are not always comfortable…DING DING DING!  God’s way of telling me another layer can be healed.  This prickly feeling is an opportunity to allow God to show me that there is still an open wound…why hasn’t it healed?  What do I need to look at? [Read more…]




Working out 4x a week…inwardly feeling lost.

By the worlds standards I was pristine outwardly. I worked out 4x a week, my muscles were firm and tight, my body lean; I went to the dermatologist regularly to make sure my face looked it’s best. BUT it was at this time I was my most miserable!!!! I was in a relationship…with an abuser. [Read more…]


Loving After Abuse

Excerpt from “Loving Fairly After Abuse

Survivors of abusive relationships need to find ways to help themselves progress down the path of healing. In addition to professional counseling there are many resources available to those who need some help and direction down the road ahead. There are self help books, online forums, survivor groups and church organizations. Use your personal support system of friends and family to help you maintain a positive outlook. [Read more…]


No Contact…

Every time you subject yourself to an abusive person-you allow them to suck the life out of you. NO CONTACT is the only ‘relationship’ you should have with them.

~ Anita-LDNH


I Am A Miracle Of His Creation

Today I celebrate MeToday I am loving ME and the miracle of my uniqueness.

My talents, my weaknesses, my strengths, my feelings, my opinions, my femininity.

My role as a mother, sister and daughter of God.

Though I know I fail daily – He Never fails me and NEVER stops loving me.

I am the miracle of His Creation.

© Love Does No Harm


Stop the Pattern

My dear friend Phyllis reminds me of a very valid point for a lot of women coming out of abusive relationships. More than likely the abusive relationship you just left isn’t the only one you’ve been in. We are prone to attract the same type of men again, we are apt to jump into another relationship quickly to ‘heal’ the hurt from the previous one. [Read more…]