Ministry is birthed from brokenness…

ministry birthed from brokenness

I am so grateful for this quote.  It completely describes what God has done in my life and I’m sure the lives of countless others.

It wasn’t till the horrific experience of escaping a physically abusive relationship that God got my attention.  Did He allow it to punish me?  NO!!!! He allowed it to get my attention.  He used this tragedy of  what I experienced to open my eyes to the brokenness that needed healing.

Prior to the physically abusive relationship, I sought redemption in the male species.  Married twice before, I looked to these men to be my everything instead of God.  Both marriages were abusive: verbally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Because I did not SEE that God needed to minister to my heart and soul healing…I repeatedly sought relationships with men who treated me less than what God’s perfect plan for me was. This culminated in a physically abusive relationship.  Finally I was broken and turned to our Loving God, trusting Him emphatically for EVERYTHING!  Even when it looked bleakest I KNEW He would see me through and He has.

Miracle after miracle has transpired in my life as I have been fully reliant on Him.  It is NOTHING I did.  I didn’t deserve his grace because of anything I did or said.  I am deserving of His Grace simply because I chose to believe and be saved from my own brokenness.

The healing was painful.  I had to take a good look at my past.  I allowed God to speak to me through Godly women and listen to their counsel.  He ministered to me healing from past wounds of family abuse and molestation.  He BLESSED me with forgiveness  towards my abusers and forgiveness towards myself for wrong choices.  He asked me to surrender all and trust Him and He would take care of me like no ‘man’ ever could.  I have not been disappointed since.  Does my flesh get in the way?  You betcha.  Does the kingdom of the world scream to do it another way?  Of course.  BUT I CHOOSE TO BE STEADFASTLY DEVOTED TO THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS NEVER LET ME DOWN and bears witness to His strength through my weakness. Today Life is filled with Joy, Beauty and Peace even amidst difficulty. This is what He calls me to proclaim…and proclaim it I will.

Through this experience God has revealed His calling for my life.  I never knew what it was like to experience a calling before.  But I’ll tell you when it happens to you, you WILL know it.  Its a never ending burden that you MUST  accomplish, it is part of His Perfect Purpose for your life.  To bring Glory to His Name by ministering to souls Life Giving Restoration and Transformation!!!

Praise to Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord who can bring beauty out of ashes!!!

Psalm 34: 18 and 19…
God is close to the brokenhearted, he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.
Many are the troubles of the Righteous, But the Lord rescues him from EACH one!!!