Moodiness And Controlling People

Moodiness and ControlMoodiness is a key signal of a controlling person, precisely because those with moody personalities tend to be mulling over perceived hurts and injustices that have happened to them personally and seek to remedy their internal pain and improve their situation by controlling others. What better than having someone else run at your beck and call and having another person accepting blame or being afraid when you don’t want to delve deeper into fixing your own source of pain? Moody people tend to sulk or cast a pall of gloom right in the middle of a moment of happiness.

Narcissists will often throw a hissy fit when inadequate attention is being paid to them and their needs. This is a manipulative way of controlling that can be hard to say no to because the person will often say they are in pain/upset/hurting and the like, trying to make the other person feel bad for them.