Stop the Pattern

My dear friend Phyllis reminds me of a very valid point for a lot of women coming out of abusive relationships. More than likely the abusive relationship you just left isn’t the only one you’ve been in. We are prone to attract the same type of men again, we are apt to jump into another relationship quickly to ‘heal’ the hurt from the previous one. I KNEW I had to take a look at my past to find out WHY the heck I was following this pattern, because I never want it to happen again. I was abused as a child both physically and emotionally. I had to be healed of that, I had to forgive my abusers in order to move forward…and I’ll tell you ladies it’s only GOD that enabled me to do this. I honestly see my abusers through His eyes and have forgiven them and it’s freed me. I pray for those of you who have been abused as children as well, that God would guide you in looking at your past to be healed from it in order to move forward in health and true love.