I Am A Miracle Of His Creation

Today I celebrate MeToday I am loving ME and the miracle of my uniqueness.

My talents, my weaknesses, my strengths, my feelings, my opinions, my femininity.

My role as a mother, sister and daughter of God.

Though I know I fail daily – He Never fails me and NEVER stops loving me.

I am the miracle of His Creation.

© Love Does No Harm



SURVIVORS… Make this a blessed day. Be all you were meant to be.

Our happiness, recovery, joy & successes vindicate us!

~Anita – LDNH


I Have God

domestic violence survivor

I have been ridiculed
I have been harmed
I have been taunted
I have been abused
I have endured
I have woken up
I have escaped
I have survived
I have been blessed
I have God

© Love Does No Harm