We Are Healing All The Time

Freedom through forgivenessI am currently attending a DV Advocacy Certification course.  Very intense and necessary to be able to deal appropriately with women in crisis from differing kinds of situations.  During the course of our training, many of the scenarios I have personally gone through present themselves afresh.  Law enforcement, CWS, abuser’s mindset and behaviors.  As subjects are broached, it sometimes brings me back to moments and memories.  The feelings that arise are not always comfortable…DING DING DING!  God’s way of telling me another layer can be healed.  This prickly feeling is an opportunity to allow God to show me that there is still an open wound…why hasn’t it healed?  What do I need to look at?

In my dealings with law enforcement and the criminal justice system I was made aware that there are flaws within this man-made system.   The abuser was served a TRO and he was ordered to be out of his home so I could pack my belongings and that of my children. I had to call for police assistance to keep the peace and followed them to his home.  However he didn’t cooperate and refused to leave the property…he broke the TRO (temporary restraining order).  WHY WASN’T HE ARRESTED?  He spoke to me as I waited in a nearby car…he was freaking out,  lied to the deputies, they even had their guns drawn but he escaped consequences.  Thereafter when he was served a 5 year restraining order he broke it by calling me, leaving voice mail threats and mailing me something (I refused to open).  Each time the deputies or PD were called and ALL they did was give me an incident #.  When I got the gumption to file criminal charges against him, the deputy who took the report recommended charges to be filed and yet two DA’s offices in San Diego County and Riverside county chose not to press charges.

So therein lies the dilemma when through the DV certification course Sheriffs came in to talk to us. All the injustice I had experienced came back to me.  I left the course praying for an answer to the discomfort.  It came rather readily…forgive them..forgive the deputies, the detectives the DA’s office, forgive the process. They did the best the could in an inundated system.  Hallelujah for God’s indescribable gift.  I was crying in FREEDOM as I was overwhelmed with forgiveness.

I am sure there will be more healing throughout my lifetime as it will be in yours.  We are constantly moving forward in God’s grace and under His guidance and authority.  When the prickly feelings come…remember God is trying to tell you something and giving you an opportunity to address it <3